On the road again….


Never has there been a more appropriate song for a traveling content specialist.  The last two weeks has been a crazy run of travel for this working woman!

Patterson, CA

Here’s what the last two weeks have looked like for me:  ABQ > SMF > ABQ > PHX > SJC > SHV > ABQ.  Yep, I know more airport codes than your average pilot!

Outside Turlock, CA

People think traveling for work is glamorous and I guess it can be.  Occasionally, you get sent to a big city where you can dress up and have a nice dinner out, but more times than not you’re eating breakfast at the IHOP in Turlock, California.  After two weeks on the road I always find myself craving three things: a massage, the time to cook a meal in my own kitchen, and bed sheets that have a thread count higher than scratchy.

I’ve learned a few things in the last couple of weeks:


I think we got the translation wrong.  California must be a synonym for traffic.

Inland California is not coastal California.

Somehow an entire stretch of I5 smells like oatmeal.

Minus LAX, California airports are pretty nice.

Learning to drive in Albuquerque has proven to be incredibly helpful as an adult when facing crazy traffic.

The San Jose airport has massage chairs that beat me up just as good as my actual massage therapist.

Never stay on the 11th floor of a hotel when the gym is on the 12th floor.

Southern women have a way of ripping rude people a new one while sounding exactly like that’s the last thing they’re doing.

P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma is the best album I’ve heard in a long time.

Prop planes and high winds aren’t a great combination.

I didn’t get out to see much in the last couple of weeks.  That’s not like me, but the conditions and timing of these trips weren’t quite right for sightseeing.  I have discovered a new love of taking photos out of the plane window, however.  They’d be better if I could access the cockpit, but I understand that’s frowned upon.

26756788_10215740671689511_5958356326617317222_o26677937_10215729819138204_6453029630509564190_o (1)26233392_10215724837213659_6209425206459951144_o (1)26233013_10215729820378235_548873522117647546_o26232086_10215710739621228_6409705390547869767_o




Author: missheatherlynnp

Heather Pillman is a frequent traveler and a sometimes freelance writer, who wanted a forum to write about her travels and humorous misadventures. After encouragement from friends, she took the leap and started a blog about her travels. An avid hiker, nature lover and photographer, Heather is always looking for her next travel adventure. She believes fantastic travel is happening everywhere and loves to explore the sites in her own backyard and abroad.

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