Reiki in Cheyenne, WY

 Looking for ways to help clear my mind and my heart and my energy, I finally decided to indulge a curiosity of sorts and scheduled a Reiki appointment. 

So much for that whole writing more often thing….but, in my defense, 2018 has been kinda busy. At the beginning of the year, I was determined to keep everything in life organized and under control. Life answered back with a big HA!

January came with some work travel, including a trip to Fresno, CA. After checking into my hotel room at about 2:00 PM, I ventured down to the front desk several times between 2:00 and about 6:00 PM when I became hungry for dinner. I wondered where the front desk clerk had gotten to, but hunger overtook my curiosity. Determining that there was literally nothing to eat in walking distance (and me without a car), I called Uber Eats to deliver some take out Chinese. It arrived quickly and was hot. As I opened the bag, excited to dig into my Chow Mein, I quickly realized that there was no silverware in my bag. No fork. No spoon. No chopsticks. I again wandered downstairs hoping to swipe a fork from the breakfast area (Locked. Damn it.) or find the front desk clerk to help me find a utensil (Still missing. Damn it.) . Out of luck and still without utensils, I settled down into my room to figure out how to eat Chow Mein noodles and chicken with my fingers. My best friend called mid-meal to see how I was settling in. As I told her my sad story, I was met with a “Well, you’re probably ok unless the zombie apocalypse starts.” To which I countered, “This part of Fresno looks exactly like the kind of place the zombie apocalypse could start.”

Sunset over Oakland

In January, I flew a total of 11,924 miles and spent 11 nights in hotels. Work travel had me in such exotic locales as Chandler, AZ, Patterson, Fresno and Turlock, CA, Shreveport, LA, and Spokane, WA.

February was not quite as busy. 8,910 miles and 6 hotel nights. Sun Prairie, WI, Ogden, UT, Cheyenne, WY, Santa Fe, NM and Iowa City, IA.

Cheyenne was something of a personal healing trip. Looking for ways to help clear my mind and my heart and my energy, I finally decided to indulge a curiosity of sorts and scheduled a Reiki appointment. (Let me interject with two things here. #1 Reiki is an ancient Japanese tradition in which a Reiki practitioner works with the energy in your body. Think of it as an energetic massage, if you will. If you believe that all matter is energy at its core, Reiki makes a lot of sense. #2 I believe in all things woo-woo and am interested in anything that helps connect me to the spiritual plane….sooooo, I believe in stuff that some of you might term “weird.” That’s ok with me. I’m on my own journey and it doesn’t bother me one bit if you never ever want to try anything woo-woo or weird).

The curious kittens at Terry Bison Ranch

On my drive from Denver to Cheyenne, a pit stop was made at the Terry Bison Ranch. In all the times I’ve driven to Cheyenne, I’ve never stopped. This particular blustery and cold day was maybe not the best day for my first stop, but I did get a quick walk around and spent some time in the warm gift shop. (Mittens the cat will follow you about in there. A sweet little feline that apparently drives the shop keeper nuts because she’s constantly trashing displays.) There’s plenty to see at the Terry Bison Ranch: bison, of course, camels (yes, camels), horses, cats, chickens. Rumor has it that there is a cute little train that takes you around the ranch, but it was too cold to attempt it in February. After a bit of walking about, it was off to Cheyenne for some food, a tarot card reading – Cheyenne is full of woo-woo – and ultimately my Reiki session.

Chicken bus at Terry Bison Ranch

If you’ve never been to Cheyenne, WY, it’s kind of a fun little Western town. There are a lot of historic buildings and it’s worthwhile to wander about a little. If you walk enough, you can indulge in my favorite, really not at all healthy, Sanford Pub and Grub – home of all things fried. Downtown Cheyenne is also home to the Cheyenne Big Boots, an art installation spread throughout town.

My dog friend, Selkie, sitting by a Cheyenne Big Boot

Back to Reiki – because I know most of you are sitting there completely perplexed. My Reiki session started with a little bit of a chat with my Reiki practitioner (who is also a massage therapist and a psychic medium – she’s pretty tuned in) about what I knew about Reiki and what I wanted to work on. About five minutes into this chat, she starts asking me if I’ve been having pain in my left shoulder. She’s spot on. I just saw my massage therapist at home about shoulder pain. My non-woo-woo massage therapist attributes the pain to the number of push-ups I’ve been doing in my new HIIT workouts. Reiki says left shoulder pain is an imbalance in my feminine energy. Read more about masculine and feminine energy here. Tightness in hips? Yep…too much sitting in my job and also fear of moving on.

Reiki is much like a massage in which you are barely touched. Fully clothed, you hop up on a massage table. Every practitioner works differently, but mine welcomed questions as she worked. I wasn’t sure what to do at first. Do I close my eyes? Do I focus on deep breaths? Will this hurt? Will I feel anything? . Ultimately I did close my eyes and focused on breathing deeply. It didn’t hurt at all, but I did feel things – a sensation that I couldn’t raise my arms (explained by some past life trauma which made sense to me and explained my current fear of being trapped under deep water – I’ll never Scuba dive) and heat radiating from my therapist’s hands. After 30 minutes of work, some incredibly personal details talked about and my chakras balanced, I was done. Sent off with some suggestions to work on the flow of feminine energy and a great chakra meditation for me to listen to on my frequent plane rides, I headed back to Denver. Energy work can take some time and that night I experienced some interesting dreams, heat throughout my core, and a vast improvement in my shoulder pain, all of which I attribute to my session. Reiki is becoming part of my self-care regimen. And why not? If a little woo-woo energy work can help manage my actual muscle pains, I’m all in.


Author: missheatherlynnp

Heather Pillman is a frequent traveler and a sometimes freelance writer, who wanted a forum to write about her travels and humorous misadventures. After encouragement from friends, she took the leap and started a blog about her travels. An avid hiker, nature lover and photographer, Heather is always looking for her next travel adventure. She believes fantastic travel is happening everywhere and loves to explore the sites in her own backyard and abroad.

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