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  • Romania


    Romania is just how you imagine it to be, but somehow better.

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  • Serbia – Nîs, Belgrade, Novi Sad

    I suppose I could say, that crossing the border went just like I imagined it would. It went a little something like this…

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  • Bulgaria – Sofia and Rila

    This year’s trip was my first adventure into Eastern Europe. After returning from two weeks in Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania, I find myself wondering why I didn’t attempt a trip to Eastern Europe earlier.

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  • The best of the rest: Final days in Lisbon

    You know that feeling of sadness that sets in when you know your vacation time in an incredible locale is about to end?

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  • Day trips from Lisbon: Cascais and Sintra

    If you’re looking for a day trip from your vacation base in Lisbon, I’d like to tell you about two easy options that are only approximately 30 minutes away from the city: Cascais and Sintra. Using Lisbon’s excellent public transportation system, hop on the subway at the nearest Metro station, ride to a stop where […]

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  • More of Lisbon

    More of Lisbon

    Day two in Lisbon I started to feel unwell.  (Catch day one here). You know, just that typical congested head, coughing kind of cold virus that everyone succumbs to in the fall and winter.  Not one to miss out on sightseeing, I headed out anyway. Today’s plan was literally to get lost wandering the Alfama […]

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  • Day One in Beautiful Lisbon

    Paris, you’ll always be my favorite European city, but (cover your ears), Lisbon comes in a very close second.

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  • Teotihuacán


    Interested in climbing ancient pyramids?  How about learning more about human sacrifice?  You can do both at the UNESCO heritage site of Teotihuacán.

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  • Ciudad de México

    Ciudad de México

    If you’ve been contemplating a trip to Mexico City….Go! It’s a wonderful city with friendly people, great food, charming neighborhoods, and amazing museums.

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  • Beaches and the Old Town of San Juan, Puerto Rico

    When I left you last, we were headed back to San Juan.

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